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TOP QB Trade(2 QB League)


I have Cousins and Cutler as my current QBs. I am considering trading Cousins for Ryan in order to stack with Jones (Have Bryant and Thomas as other WR)s. This is a 2 point PPR (12 person league). Fournette and Hyde are my RBs and Powell and Landry as my flex.

I want to get a one for one but may have to sweeten the pot if not successful. Do I try to make the trade and should I sweeten the pot if necessary?


I wouldn’t bother, honestly. The same basic principal applies here as when drafting. QB is not scarce, so don’t pay for the top guys. Cousins is a very good fantasy QB, and Ryan is likely going to come back to earth a bit. You’d be buying high and would likely have to give up some think of significant value at a position with more scarcity.


Thanks, I may try to set Pryor or Crowder to stack instead of trading Cousins. He helped me win a couple leagues last year.


Not a bad idea. I like both guy’s this year. I’d definitely stick with Cousins, unless he wants a 1 for 1, but if he did, I’d imagine he’s have drafted Cousins instead.