TOP Rookie WR to make instant impact in fantasy

I am looking at drafting Rookie RB’s and WR’s that will have the highest fantasy relevance, in this order of preference:
Henry Ruggs (Raiders)
Jalen Reagor (Eagles)
Jerry Jeudy (Broncos)
Brandon Aiyuk (49ers)
Denzil Mims (Jets)
Justin Jefferson (Vikings)
Micheal Pittman Jnr (Colts)
Ceedee Lamb (Cowboys)
Laviska Shenault Jnr (Jags)
Tee Higgins (Bengals)
Chase Claypool (Steelers)
Van Jefferson (Rams)
Tyler Johnson (Vikings)
Joe Reed (Chargers)
Devin Duvernay (Ravens)

D’Andre Swift (Lions)
Jonathan Taylor (Colts)
Clyde Edwards Helarie (Chiefs)
Ke’Shaun Vaughan (Bucs)
La’Mical Perine (Jets)
Cam Akers (Rams)
Joshua Kelley (Chargers)
Zack Morris (Bills)
Anthony McFarland (Steelers)
Darrynton Evans (Titans)
Eno Benjamin (Cardinals)

What do you think?

Where’es Jeudy? Also I would probably put Jefferson above Mims. He’s more polished and will step right in at the #2

I can’t really argue with your WR lineup although you have missed JJ out by mistake, when putting him back in I’d have him sitting 3rd as for me he’s one of the most polished. As for RB i think CEH is the man to lead the way followed by Akers imo. CEH just has to fight of Damien Williams and Akers is going into a great situation with the loss of Gurley. Good luck

missed Jerry Jeudy out would be 3rd on the list

missed Jerry Jeudy out by mistake would have him 3rd place in between Reagor and Aiyuk.

I see Mims getting more targets than Jefferson, with Jet being more of a passing team and Vikings utlitising the running game in Cook, Mattison and Boone leading to Kirk Cousins have no experienced WR2 outside of Adam Thielen. Perriman and Doctson will either be a great pickups or complete busts (Crowder is a WR1A and Mims has opportunity to be WR1B)

I was hoping That Darwin Thompson would get a chance to be RB2 behind Williams. Darrell Williams had flashes last year but will pick up snaps when game is won to manage and run down clock. CEH will sadly reduce Darwin Thompson’s Value and I am sturggling to see what fantasy value D’Andre Washington has now before draft maybe RB3/RB4 now will be completely TD relevant.

Henderson wont be a clear RB1, but i did see at least 50-60% snap share with Brown and 25-30% and John Kelly 15-10% before draft. Now Henderson and Akers will be getting lion share (65% combined with 15-20 touches minimum per game), with Brown as experienced back up when running game not working.

Kelley at Chargers could eat into Justin Jackson’s snaps as well, see an equalish 3 way running attack between Ekeler, Jackson and Kelley (Ekeler the most snaps like James White due to pass catching abaility)

The one on the list I am most doubtful about is McFarland. with Conner, Snell and Samuels will be a messy back field. Conner needs to stay fit to keep RB1, Snell will be a clear RB2 with RB3 opportunities a battle between McFarland and Samuels.

Pittman Jnr at Colts I think will get higher on my list but depends on confidence in Hilton (staying fit all season and still clear WR1), Zach Pascal being able to step up if Hilton out for numerous games and Parris Campbell making a instant impact and over coming his broken foot being game ready. Same with Shenault Jnr with pressure on Westbrook to be more consistent to remain WR2 behind DJ Chalk.

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All fair points well made, I just have a gut feeling Akers wins the job, the Rams traded up to get Henderson then take Akers with their first pick, something smells off to me. Again tho your logic on paper makes sense I would tend to use my gut more on this one.

I drafted both Alshon Jeffrey and TY Hilton and wont be redrafting either can see both having a decline in production and targets. Parris Campbell as long as over foot injury will have an impact as WR3 now had high hopes pre draft. Zach Pascal has seen his fantasy ceiling value reduced to be more TD dependant now and week to week flex option.

Henderson I had a round 6/7 pick up like you cooled off interest more than likely wait till round 8 as should be available then.

The emergence of Ridley and faith in Falcons to give Gage more snaps means Jones might see a slight reduction in targets too, with Smith and Gurley on the ground (Hill will be RB3 role now unless Smith doesnt produce or injured having his snaps heavily limited now) will have more a passing game and less pressure on Matt Ryan being a gun slinger to win games (Hayden Hurst a down grade on Hooper but still good for 500+ yards and 40+ receptions)

What do you think will happen between James Washington and Dionate Johnson now with Claypool there? Big Ben will have previous chemistry with Washington and Johnson from Camp last year, so don’t see Claypool as an instant impact player as they test him out in the system especially first half of the season. A TE core of Ebron and McDonald is strong too and both have good for redzone and shortage yards plays to keep chain moving.

Hoping Higgins now resigned with Browns has a decent chance to show his full potential this year (could be a 850-900 yard receiver with 5-6 TD’s, Landry will remain the go to guy and be good for 1,200 yards and 7-8 TD’s, OBJ I am not as high one especially with Hooper and Njoku at TE now.

All fair points :ok_hand:

Regarding Claypool he’s a draft and stash for this year, I do think we drafted him as a WR rather than a TE like most are predicting.
His career to date has been one of constant progression and I’m hoping for big things from him.

I can see this being Washington’s final year tho, he just hasn’t cut it. His chemistry with Ben was just ok but I’d have expected more from him when his college QB was on the field and it just didn’t materialise for some reason.

If we get more progression from Johnson I can see him eventually becoming our WR1.

I don’t think JuJu is an out and out 1, his numbers came when AB was on the field, he didn’t step up last year when the team needed him most.

In conclusion from a fantasy point of view Claypool has real value at the 3.08 I’d be all over that in rookie drafts.

On another note I’m starting a new Dynasty league my first ever, we normally play keeper or redraft, what’s your advice on my first overall. I’m sitting at 2nd pick in a .5 ppr 3 WR super flex. I’m tied between Barkley and Micheal Thomas as I know the first overall will go Mahomes, who would you choice if any at all. Also what’s your opinion on early drafting of QBs are you a waiter ? Cheers in advance

Barkley is clear number 1 pick for now, especially with Dion Lewis going to giants more chance to stay healthy all season. I am not sure/convinced that CMC or Henry will recreate last years on field and fantasy value. I have heard people desperate to get Lamar Jackson or Patrick Mahomes going top picks on them but no way I will be doing this.

Elliott is a safe top 3, but depends on how many snaps they give to pollard this year (and depends if they try 3 WR sets with Lamb, Gallup and Cooper more next year. Cooks was high up my list but with rumours of holding out and being too expensive to keep past this season mean Mattison and Boone will see more time on the field. Mixon if he doesn’t hold out will be a top 5 RB with their young, athletic and speedy WR Corp, but need to upgrade from Bernard as back up.

WR wise Thomas a clear top fantasy receiver. I have a sneaky feeling that Godwin will Bradys favourite target, seeing Evans more likely to finish towards top 10-12. Not a number one choice but top 5-8 choices i see Kupp being huge this year with Cooks gone, and Reynolds now WR3, and Calvin Ridley with Jones starting to slow down in performance this year and Russell Gage being more trusted next year to make big plays.
Hopkins was in my top 5 but now with Kirk, Fitzgerald, Drake and Murray liking to use his feet see him potentially losing targets and getting more touchdowns so recalculated and now top 8 minimum.

Where do you stand on Amari Cooper? I am not a fan and completely overrated Gallup will push him again for targets.

I drafted Juju last year and he had a mare, but when your on your 2nd and 3rd choice QBS not his fault hoping back to the old Juju with Ben at the helm.

Cheers bud much appreciated.

I’m on the same boat as you regarding Coop, I think Rex was bang on with his Disappearance description maybe not the turd part Lol. I see Gallup only getting better I will try an grab him in the late 4th, I know a few guys in my league are high on him aswell.

Good luck this year and let’s hope we get some football.