Top TE Pick Ups (RIP H. Henry?)

I acquired OJ Howard and Hunter Henry this year through our auction draft. Thinking of dumping Henry due to injury. The best available are:

D. Walker, D. Waller, T. Hockenson, G. Olsen, K. Rudolf, J. Doyle, M. Andrews

Who had the biggest upside for the rest of the season?

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I would pick up hockenson and or Delanie walker both looked fantastic this last week and should both have good seasons

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Delanie should be solid and get goal line targets.

How are all those guys available?

If you go experience go Walker but I think Waller, Andrews, Hockenson could all potentially be as good or better.

10 team league?
I have Walker and Waller, but Hockenson and Andrews are worth keeping an eye on. Seems if all those guys are free agents and you can still roll with Howard, there is no urgency - can wait and see if one emerges.

So I went with Walker. I had also drafted OJ Howard but after TNF am not feeling he has an upside. Should I trade him too? Iā€™m in an 8 team league