Top Tier Trades

I’m 5-2 in a 12 team standard scoring redraft league with 2RB 3WR, and was offered the following trade
I get Golden Tate and Todd Gurley, but give up Ajayi and Mike Evans.
My Current RB’s are Hunt, Ajayi, Coleman, and Rob Kelly
My Current WR’s are Juilo, Evans, Crabtree, and Stills.
I’m currently leaning towards accepting the trade since I’m on the cusp of a playoff spot, and Ajayi has a tough matchup this week against the Broncos and follows it up with a bye whereas Gurley has already served his. Anyone else have any thoughts in this deal?

I am really not sure about this one. With Ajayi in Philly is an upgrade. Gurley is a huge upgrade over him, except the downgrade from Evans to Tate, while J. Jones and Atlanta’s offense is just not doing it, so you don’t have that high level WR1 after this trade, though I do love Crabtree. I can see why you’d be torn with this one. It’s affecting me!

This is a good one for some more input from the Clan. (I will bump it for you if necessary, I’d be interested in this too.)

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I’m also not is hot on this deal. Gurley is a big upgrade but on the podcast they did make a point that he may not be getting you what you want from him in playoffs.

Evans is a top top wr and losing him for rate who’s had injuries and Stafford hasn’t been in form is a big risk.

If I was to lose Evans for an upgrade at rb for playoffs I would target Freeman or shady.

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