Top WR in rookie draft 2018

I have the #4 & #5 picks in my dynasty league just wondering who would be a top WR to target with the #5 spot.

I would not take any of the WR at 5. I would double down on the RBs and better the odds of hitting on at least one. Even in dynasty where WR is a strong play for the roster.

While I like some of the WRs, no doubt, I do not think any of them are more valuable than the RBs. You can likely find comparable veterans un-owned in your league right now with actual NFL production under their belt.

Just my two cents.

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I agree with the above, but to answer your question, my #1 WR in this class is Anthony Miller, but he’ll likely be there later.

Another option would be to trade back from one of the two top picks.

None are worth taking, rookie rbs will go until pick 7 or 8, but I like Anthony Miller, Ridley and DJ Moore as my top rookie WR, and Gallup in Dallas can be a sleeper taken later in draft.