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Torn on who to use as my flex


Full PPR league…need a flex and torn on who to pick have some nice matchups and circumstances…

Crowder (wit no Reed or Pryor )
Lee (wit no Hurns but weather sayin windy and possible snow)

Got Baldwin and Fitz as my two WRs and McKinnon and Ajayi my two RBs


Crowder and Burkheads not a bad flex either-Crowder in my opinion


I might actually go with Crowder and Drake. I’d bench Fitz. I’m not sure how Gabbert will affect Fitzs target share.


Ugh idk if I can ever bench fitz I feel like he any qbs security blanket and he doesn’t drop anything…


I honestly think Gabbert is a upgrade over Stanton and Fitz will get his share of targets cause that’s who they go to even if he is covered-Gabbert could be a sneaky good QB waiver pickup this week for someone-


Yes I agree wit u there too on gabbert being better than Stanton…and a lot of people r high on streaming him this week


Not a big fan of Carson Palmer and thought Gabbert looked good in preseason-But it was preseason so ya never know-


Yea unfortunately preseason don’t mean shit u can’t really count on much wit preseason except for seeing early chemistry between a Qb and WR in my opinion…my Birds were 4-0 last year in preseason then looked like garbage when the season started…


Basically what I’m saying is I think Gabbert is a decent QB and can run-


Yea I thought he’d b cards number 2 as well based on his starter experience and run ability and Bruce Arians really talked him up this week too…