TOUGH 3 keeper question

so this is a really early question that will get more clarity as things go. but with the recent Eckler news, its making me really have to ponder early.

so here are the rules. we get 3 keepers. we get them at one round higher cost than they were drafted at last year, if you dont have the draft capital it can be 2 rounds earlier BUT that becomes its new cost, you cant keep a 1st rounder from last year, and FA pickups start at 10th rounders. my list of potential keepers are as follows:

Austin Eckler - 4th

Courtland Sutton - 9th

Devin Singletary - 10th

AJ Brown - 10th

DJ Chark - 10th

I do have other options as well, but this is the cream of the crop. I can’t find the exact list of picks that I have but I have it mostly memorized. I have no 1st, 2nd, or 3rd round picks. i have 2 4ths, 5th, 2 6th (this is a maybe, can’t remember if I trade bated one of them), 7th, 2 8th (same deal as the 6th rounders) 9th, 2 10th.

so the question becomes… what the hell do I do?! i know that more clarity will come with the draft and trade season, but hot damn Eckler becomes a steal in the 4th if Gordon really doesn’t come back now as is speculated. before the idea was wait to find out what happens with Eckler, keep Singletary, and then figure out WTF to do with the WRs I have.but now… now I really have to start planning on if I keep 2 WRs or 2 RBs.

Help ya boy with his too early predicament!