Tough Call. Need help from seasoned pros

Need help picking lineup

Full PPR league - 4th place

Going against 7th place

WR (3) : Chark Jr / Pettis / Lazard / Westbrook / Cooper / Parker - Worried Cooper doesn’t play and not stoked playing both Chark and Westbrook. My set lineup is Chark Pettis and Lazard

RB (2) : Carson / Gordon / J Williams / Drake - Carson and Gordon no question there

Flex: Have Cooper in my flex since he’s the 5:30 game.

What does the footclan think? I need to win, water bet on the line too

Already been announced that Cooper will play

Chark and Cooper (no doubt)
Carson and Gordon (no doubt)
Flex (Williams, Pettis, or Dede). The Bengals defense has a ton of injuries. Especially at CB. I can honestly see both Chark and DeDe put up numbers. But, that’s just my opinion. Either of those three would be fine.