Tough Call. Which good player Should I drop? (if any)

10 team PPR

I need a QB off of waivers this week due to A. Smith Bye. Here are the people I could drop to pick one up McCown. Drake, A. Jones/Montgomery, James White, A Morris, Alex Smith or Darkwa.

I also am playing with the idea of dropping my kicker or Defense (saints) and going without one of those slots for the week. My opponent had A Peterson and some bye hits so he is projected 1 point higher than me while I have no QB so I might get away with it?

I have a 3 game lead with 4 games to go before the playoffs.
I lean towards dropping Montgomery because that backfield is kind of a shot in the dark week to week and the next few weeks have bad matchups for him.

Honestly I would drop Montgomery or Jones if you need to pick up a QB. Darkwa is also a drop but if you’re opponent is weak at rb for bye weeks you’d have to hold him to play defense.

Thanks. I want Darkwa this week vs SF. I am also going to try and package trade him and S Shepard for someone next week if they do well. I will likely drop Montgomery Saturday night so my opponent can’t pick them up to start them.