Tough choice at FLEX. Big week

Hey Footclan. So I have found myself in a situation where I likely need to win out to sneak into the playoffs this year. My toughest decision to make this week is at my Flex. The choice is:
Demaryius vs CIN
Fitz @ HOU

I’m leaning Demaryius right now purely because of Fitz’s home/away splits and Gabbert starting this week, but feel much better about Fitz’s matchup this week.

Thought? Comments? Concerns?
Appreciate all the help!

i’d choose Fitzgerald. HOU is horrible against the pass (good against the run) and so ARI will need to pass a lot. I think Gabbert is better than Stanton, and I think Gabbert will look at Fitzgerald a lot. TY had a huge game against HOU… I expect Fitz will too. btw, I am a texan fan… not looking forward to Sunday (or the rest of the season, for that matter. After we lost Watson, the team’s QB situation is the worst in the league… and heck, worse than many college programs).


I too have flex issues, Parker, drake or ivory. I’m not considering Westbrook or woodhead yet

I thought Gabbert should have started over Stanton as well as he looked good in preseason-