Tough choices at WR2 / Flex this week - Cooper, Watkins, Golladay, Lockett, DJ Moore?

Pick two of the five choices:

Standard, non-PPR scoring

I need to choose two of these five for the WR2 and Flex positions

Devante Adams is my WR1 this week

This is the order I’m leaning towards at this moment (but that’s been changing nearly hourly)

  1. Amari Cooper (home) vs TEN -
    Will the Cowboys want to prove they made the right move by getting him very involved and into the endzone? (I’ve learned to never underestimate Jerry Jone’s ego)

  2. Sammy Watkins vs @CLE.
    Hill is dealing with a groin strain so Mahomes (who I’m starting) might look more his way.

  3. DJ Moore (home) vs TB
    With Torrey Smith out with a knee DJ could play a large role in a high scoring game

  4. Kenny Golladay vs @MIN
    Just moved up to #2 with Tate leaving

  5. Tyler Lockett (home) vs LAC
    Very TD dependent but could be a high scoring game

(Dropped) Calvin Ridley vs @WAS
Bottom of my list as he hasn’t seen the endzone in a few weeks

Edit - Just dropped Ridley and picked up DJ Moore (against TB)

Golloday or watkins. With Hill gone I’d go watkins.

Hill being out is not guaranteed.
He practiced in full on Wednesday but was downgraded to “limited” today.
I’ve been screwed by these injury reports more than once

Just made a move
Dropped Ridley, picked up DJ Moore
Sanu is still available in my league so If I want to make a move back to Atlanta’s offense next week it shouldn’t be an issue, Ridley or Sanu will still be available

I like the matchup with Moore against the TB D, now this makes the decision as to whom to start at WR2 and Flex that much more difficult

I have Golladay aswell, I’m worried about starting him wth Vikings D. I feel like they will have a good game. Maybe Rhodes will be covering him as well. Thinking about starting Valdez scantling over him with Allison not being able to play