TOUGH decision drafting at 4 in a limited keeper... HELP!

  • 12 team standard
  • 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, FLX, DST, K
  • Drafting at 4. Keeping Baker and Thielen for cheap
  • Lots of top RBs off the board due to being kept. No Kamara, Chubb, Conner in the first.
  • WR D Adams not available either.
  • Drafting Tuesday Aug 27

I’m drafting 4th. I foresee Barkley, McCaffrey going 1 and 2 in some order. I could also see someone passing on Zeke and taking Hopkins at 3. Which would basically leave me with the options of Zeke, DJ, Bell, D Cook or Mixon for RBs even close to that range, or for WRs Julio, Odell or Michael Thomas.

I want no part of DJ or Zeke (unless he signs before the draft of course). I usually like to grab a RB in round 1 but I’ve recently pivoted to Hopkins if available or Julio if not, since Adams is kept. Don’t want to reach too hard on Bell or Cook. Only problem grabbing one of those guys is I’m at the mercy of the back end of the 2nd to select my RB1 and probably my RB2 at 3.04. I’m torn!

Talk about it!

If Zeke signs then no brainier. I have no issue with DJ but you don’t want him so it’s definitely Hopkins for me. I’m taking him or Adams in the 5 spot in ppr league where I suspect Zeke gets to me and DJ goes 4th just b4 my turn

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For sure. If Zeke doesn’t sign, is it outlandish to pivot over to Julio at 4? Since Adams is gone, I think Julio is safer than guys like Bell or DJ or Zeke.

I don’t no, Julio is basically in the same tier and could be the #1WR this year so no I don’t have a prob with it.

Right? I just don’t wanna be stuck with a bum ass first pick, or have to chase Tony Pollard later in the draft by taking Zeke. Unless of course he signs.