Tough decision for wr2 and flex. Baldwin, Davis, Brieda, Enunwa

I currently have Baldwin as wr2 an Enunwa as my flex but i cant help but second guess myself. Hard to leave Davis and Brieda on my bench.

Wow, yeah I wouldn’t leave them on your bench. I would play Davis and Breida and bench Baldwin and Enunwa.

Davis going against one of the better corners in the league scared me away a bit and enunwa’s consistency.

Fair. Didn’t Thielen and Diggs both have big games a couple weeks ago though? I know they were playing from way down the whole time, but Buffalo’s defense def was never taking a play off until the very end given beating the Vikings probably felt like winning the Super Bowl to them.

Yeah their defense as a whole Isn’t great but the titans offense basically only has davis. Figured they would key on him. its a better matchup for taywan taylor I was thinking.

diggs only had 4 catches for 17 yards. while thielan had 14 for 105 out of the slot.

that’s an interesting stat. could certainly be davis’ fate. i’d still play davis breida, but baldwin/breida is OK too. i just don’t like playing enunwa right now bc of Darnold and facing a good defense again. Enunwa hasn’t shown anything major in a while.