Tough decision mannnn

Do I start Lynch or Baldwin in the flex
I’m losing my mind over this

I lean Lynch.

i like lynch.

it has worked 3 weeks in a row and I highly doubt goes away from him.

plus I think everyone on Seatle is going to have a rough day

I should add- I had Kamara and Brees going on Thursday night.
Brees was underwhelming compared to how he should have finished and Kamara 5 points really hurt me.
I lost to my opponent twice this season already lol
I need a big game from someone

I also had Kamara. Just barely made it into the Playoffs. Then BAM!!! WOW!!! THAT HURT BIG TIME!!! May or may not still make it!!! But…yeah…I think I’d go with Lynch…like the others said!!! Good Luck my friend!!!

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