Tough Decision -

Full point ppr keeper

Would you go James Conner on a team minus Antonio Brown


Nick Chubb

Before I say what I’m about to say, I would like to tell you this… I am a Burgh Born Steelers Fan. I watched James Conner play in College after he beat cancer, and specifically watched him in that CRAZY game against Syracuse (if you don’t know about it, records were smashed that game). I walked away from that game saying, “We need to draft him. He will be a top 10 RB in the NFL in his first season as a starter.” I said it because he ran downhill with such force it was genuinely menacing. In addition to me liking Conner, it’s a well known fact that you want to own the Steeler’s RB in Fantasy because the O-line is legit. With all of that said… I provide for you this argument.

Steelers as an organization right now look more like a sitcom rather than a football team. Our offensive line coach, who was on staff since 2014, is now headed to the Broncos. Tomlin seemed to like throwing the ball to Samuel’s more than he did Conner, which I don’t agree with because Conner is the better RB talent but I’m not the coach. If AB does leave, I’m worried about the Steeler’s ability to stretch the field and really open it up for an RB, especially with no body afraid of Ben scrambling.

Browns are on the up and up. Chubb looked really freaking electric. Kitchen’s will supposedly keep play calling duties, but beware Monken is the new OC and he supposedly favors the Pass Heavy attack. If Kitchen’s keeps play calling duties, I’m not worried about Chubb’s utilization at all.

With all of that said, in the context of a Full Point Per Reception league, I keep Nick Chubb. Reason 1) Recency Bias - Chubb ended the season stronger than Conner so I imagine him being valued more in potential trades. Reason 2) Organization - Although the Steelers from a historical perspective sit above the Browns, the Browns seem to be getting their shit together, while Shit is hitting the fan in the Burgh. Reason 3) Utilization - Chubb is being utilized in all facets of the game and is handling it really well and although I believe Conner can undoubtedly do the same, from where I sit typing right now, I don’t like how much work Samuel’s got (although it could’ve been a product of the ankle injury Conner suffered).

Today, Chubb’s my choice. With the Bias I have, if there’s positive news from the Steelers over the next month especially involving Conner, I change my answer. I don’t think you can go wrong keeping either of them! Today, my answer is Chubb.

Hope you enjoyed my thoughts! Cheers!

Thanks for taking the time.

Conner was quite good against stacked box as well, but probably didn’t have to face it all that often.

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Grrrrr- Browns why?

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Yeah… This Kareem thing is… not fun to think about… so the reality is, like the Ballers mentioned, he most likely will be suspended to start the season. For how long, who truly knows! I think it’s safe to say a minimum of six weeks. On that note you can play this a couple different ways!

In dynasty leagues do nothing if you own Chubb. Don’t sell low. Worst thing you could do.

In non-keeper redraft leagues take at least one RB before Chubb and really consider trading for high value after the first three weeks, and I mean really high value. Target someone who had a slow start and maybe is disappointing their owner like Lev Bell did in the first two weeks of the 2017 season.

In Keeper Redraft leagues where you have the option of keeping Chubb, I still say keep him unless you have a much better option OR Kareem is suspended for four games or less. Conner’s utilization in the passing game dropped off in a concerning fashion and while I think that was in part due to his injury and Samuel’s pretty good hands, it scares me.

Now, as a Steelers fan I will admit, if I was in your shoes I would keep Conner undoubtedly. Keep in mind though, as I said above, I’m a really big Conner fan.

I think this is a really fair comparison as it stands. Both are ridiculously talented. Both have question marks surrounding them.

Chubb - he’s a freak & obviously has a ton of big play ability. We all saw what he could do with 18-20 carries a game. I think the Kareem Hunt situation is a little murky though. He’s obviously another talented back, but here’s 2 things: (1) If Chubb runs the way he did once he started to get the bulk of the work this year, then the Browns would be silly to give Hunt the lion’s share right away. At worst you’re probably looking at a 60-40 split in Chubb’s favor. (2) Hunt’s likely going to miss the first 6 games & if the Brown’s bye next year is before week 8, then Hunt’s not going to even come into the conversation for half the fantasy season. I wouldn’t be mad with a productive Nick Chubb for half a season (assuming he doesn’t regress).

Conner - he’s a dual threat & we already know what running backs do behind a Steelers o-line. We have to see if they’ll still be productive now that Munchak is in Denver. I also get the concern about Brown, but right now he’s still in Pittsburgh. I won’t believe they’re trading him until I see it. Even if they do, JuJu is still in town so it’s not like they won’t have any receiving threats & teams will stack the box. Overall, I think Conner is the safer bet. He didn’t finish last year strong, but he was also banged up. I think he was pretty damn productive even with the Bell situation for about half the year.

TL;DR: I don’t think you can go wrong with either. I wouldn’t blame you for keeping Chubb, but I’d lean Conner myself.

With the news of hunt, its easy. It was pretty easy before but now it is hard to argue against. Connor is your man. Once hunt actually plays, he will take up a large portion of snaps. He wont get over 50%, but i also wouldnt expect chubb to get over 50 either. My guess, it will be 40 40 20 with duke still there. Now since its a keeper, the question becomes… what do they do with hunt after this year? He could easily be re-signed, or go to a new team. If he does, then chubbs value is back baring any other RBs coming in. But thats one too many ifs for my liking. I feel like connor has the better potential because of where, and who he is with so much less ?? To him than chubb.

Yeah and now the Brown is heading out of town for certain that helps Connor’s cause too.

I just don’t like how things are shaping up. I’m drafting at the turn in a 12 team snake draft. So one of these two guys needed to be my bell cow back because most likely I am going to need to take a top tier WR at the turn after everyone exhausts the RBs.