Tough decisions for a tough matchup. League leaders going headed to head

Who would you start in this match. Bc for me depending on the time of day I just pivot and pivot and tilt. Lol
My team is “mayfield of dreams”

Your starting lineup is set as I would recommend. Tilt no further.

The absolute only movement I could even theorize is Ekeler over Sony.

Ahaha that’s the back and fourth. I just swapped ekeler to the bench. Sony Michel has been scary for me to start but has been moving in the right direction. And ekeler has proven to still be startable but I feel he is gonna trend down.

Still sitting with ekeler on the bench. Feels wrong.

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@SnakeInABush here ya go bud.
Been pivoting all week.
With weather in play and Allen situation. I feel I should start ekeler over brown. Leave Michel in

I agree. The only thing that sucks is schefter just said Burkhead is playing. I’m sure you’ve noticed when Burkhead is in Sony was much more up and down.

But if the winds are that strong, jon browns upside is riskiest out of those 3 i think. FYI, i am also playing allen in my standard league.

Yes this is true. It why don’t sat on my bench first half of the season. That throws the loop.
Weather concerns what pivoted me off having the Allen and brown stack. Gonna have to flip a coin and walk away here soon. Lol

my vote is to play sony. I will do the same and start sony over brieda.

Ok Sony over who?
I just put ekeler and brown both in left Sony on the bench strictly bc of Burkhead. Haha
Matchup and line up are on top of post. I can afford the loss but I want to stay on top with bragging rights. Playing against NE def

I’d play sony of John brown but as you said it’s a flip of the coin.

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Final decision.

It’s football Time!

Thanks all. And good luck.

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