Tough Dynasty league trade

10 team, ppr, dynasty-ish league.

I would trade Kerryon Johnson and Brandin Cooks for Davante Adams.

At WR I have Mike Evans, Allen Robinson, Josh Gordon, Sammy Watkins, and Marquese Goodwin.

At RB I have Gurley, Zeke, and D. Johnson.

At QB I have Stafford and Goff.

I say ish because we keep 1 starter at each position every year, and six bench spots. We only have a 8 player bench. We can only have a max of 4 RB, 3 QB, and 6 WR. Our draft is 5 rounds every year. Also Courtland Sutton is on the waiver wire. Should I drop Watkins or Goodwin to hold on to him this year?

I’d take that trade but given the hype around Kerryon, I reckon you could get some more for him that just Davante Adams (even though he’s a great player).

I wouldn’t worry about the decision too much because with those 3 RBs you’re probably going to storm your league anyway!

I agree with the above post

What’s your opinion on the drop Watkins for Sutton move? I think Sammy has the potential to be better this year and isn’t too old himself, but have heard a lot about Sutton lately.

It’s tough because they are both in similar situations where they are 3rd choice behind 2 established receivers (Watkins behind Hill and Kelce vs Sutton behind Thomas and Sanders). My personal view would be to pick up Sutton and try and trade Watkins as opposed to dropping him.

Going back to your original question, I’d probably rather drop Goodwin but that’s because I would rather have someone from Denver’s offence than SF’s.