Tough Gurley Keeper Question

0.5 PPR, 12-team, 1 keeper

T. Gurley (Round 2)
D. Henry (Round 7)
Z. Ertz (Round 6)

For those familiar with auctions, the actual situation is: Gurley 56, Henry 9, or Ertz 12

Very tough call and I don’t know which way to go.

I’d prolly go gurley. I’m guessing that’s a similar if not lower auction price than you would pay in a start up.

I’d go Gurley, there’s no way he goes for less than high $60 range this year (assuming a $200 budget).

I feel like you may even see Gurley cross the $70 threshold in a lot of leagues

Yeah, I’m expecting him to go for $70, so a $14 value. In the current state of things, Henry probably goes around $23 and Ertz around $25. So no matter what, I’m getting value.

It just takes some fun out of the auction having $56 already locked up pre-draft. If I ignored Lewis in Tennessee, I’d keep Henry, no questions. Unfortunately, I have to lean toward Gurley I think…

The case for Ertz is to keep him and go positional advantage at TE, QB, and DST. Then stack a high value WR with a 2nd tier RB and supplement with upside plays.