Tough Keeper Choice

I’m in a 10 man PPR league that 1 keeper from your team is kept from the previous season. I have the choice of Michael Thomas in the 2nd rd. Dalvin Cook in the 3rd rd. Melvin gordon in the 2nd rd. Or…Joe Mixon in the 5th. I know Thomas or Gordon is probably the right choice. I can’t help but think Cook in the 3rd rd is a better choice. Mixon is on the list but I feel like I could scoop him up in the 4th or 5th rd because of his 2017 campaign and most peiple will over look him.


In a 10 man league Thomas in the 2nd is probably his ADP.

Here is the FantasyPros 2018 ranks/tiers as of March 30th.

Cook in the 3rd seems like the best value. When do you have to make your keeper pick. I would want to know Cook is good-to-go for week one.

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The choice is due the day of the draft on labor day. I have plenty of time for cook to heal up.

Cook in the third.

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Cook as of now but it depends on his rehab and what happens with Mixon.

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Cook is probably the right value, but man, I’d have a really hard time not keeping Thomas.

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