Tough Keeper Decision Help

Having a very tough time deciding my keepers. Can keep 3 guys at draft pick cost. Each consecutive year you keep them cost goes up 3 rounds. 2RB, 3W/T and one flex league. Full PPR and QB TDs are all worth 6points. Here are my options
Ridley for a 3rd (this one I am pretty much locked in on)
Josh Allen for a 7th
DJ Moore for a 9th (pretty sold on this as well)
Tee Higgins for free
James Robinson for free

really deciding between Higgins Robinson and Allen, please help it is tearing me up

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In this situation I would keep the stallion, Josh Allen, in the 7th. If he is able to have a year like he did last year that would give you a big positional advantage. There are some valuable WRs going in the 7th round but the value on Allen here is better than that i feel.

I’m keeping Allen and don’t think it’s all that close. You’re already keeping two receivers, one a total stud and the other a solid WR2. Higgins for free is good value, but looking at the full picture, the value of Allen is fantastic and those three keepers are the best start to your roster.

Yeah why wouldn’t want to keep a top 5 QB especially when your TDs are worth 6 points? That’s almost a guaranteed 30 points every week. Ridley is a definite lock and the upside of Moore is excellent. Higgins is intriguing because of the price but Moore is so low might as well keep him.

I am always a take a QB late guy because I feel like QB is much easier to replace than RB/WR. With a lot of the keepers the RB draft may be light so was thinking Robinson just to make sure I have someone, and Higgins is so cheap if he stays solid he would be a good keeper for years to come. So really its just personal bias against the QB position that is making it a tough decision

Oh absolutely! I wasn’t being mean about it or anything. I also feel that the late QB mindset has to sort of change a little bit just because of the way the game is changing. I also play in a keeper league (only 2nd year) so I haven’t had the option of keeping a QB yet but with Josh Allen I feel like you would be at a positional advantage.

I’m a late round QB guy, too. Allen is actually a keeper for me, but in the 14th round. I’d still keep him earlier though. The rise of running QBs has made late round QB more risky, to the point where the original late round QB guy, JJ Zachariason, has started to rethink the approach. Just some food for thought.

If you go another direction, not sure how good is feel about having to rely on Robinson, even at a low cost. If he’s going to make or break your RB group, you have bigger problems. If you keep Ridley, Moore, and Higgins, you can hammer RB early and often.

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That is exactly why I’ve changed my mindset on it- JJ Zachariason.
That man’s a genius.

I appreciate all the feedback. I think Allen is the right move, I am just drawn to the allure of having Higgins or Robinson for free.

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with the recent Etienne injury and news that Jamar chase is struggling, I am having a major tilt back toward either James Robinson or Higgins over the Stallion. Thoughts???

Yes, Ridley, Moore and Robinson is the correct answer.

It sounds like a single-QB league, so there will be lots of them to choose from.

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I love the long-term prospect of Higgins and starting off with Ridley, DJ and Higgins allows you to go RB heavy at the top of your draft. That’s probably where I’d go.

Robinson’s value went up for sure with Etienne going down, but I don’t think you can bank on him beyond this year.

Even with the three-round round loss each year you keep him, Higgins would be a value for quite a while for you by getting him for free and he’s gonna be a good contributor this year.

Higgins is my choice, but I’d go either guy over Allen.

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I was considering that but the issue is I have the #1 overall pick. That will get me Dalvin cook, but with all the keepers there is a very good chance my next pick in the back of the 2nd round will have almost no serviceable RBs there. So think I am leaning Robinson and then hitting WRs hard in most of the middle rounds.

Knowing that makes a lot more sense - didn’t realize you had the #1 pick.

Robinson makes the most sense based on how thin RB will be that late.