Tough Keeper/Draft Question

FootClan Assemble!!! I have two interesting keeper questions for the price of one! Part 1 I am drafting from the 2 spot in this year’s draft (12 teams, PPR ,1QB 3WR, 2RB, 1TE, 1FLEX.) I traded my 2nd, 5th, and 10th round picks for a 1st (7th overall), 7th, and 15th rounder. I can either keep JuJu in the late 4th round or Aaron Jones in the late 12th. Part 2: I am drafting Elliot or Kamara with the second overall selection. Assuming I keep JuJu in the 4th, would you: A) Draft Hopkins, Julio, or Adams at 7th overall or draft Melvin Gordon/David Johnson? (I have been drafting wide outs like Hilton, Allen, Diggs, Thielen with my early third round pick in mock drafts) ANYONE WHO HELPS ME WITH THIS WILL BE REMEMBERED DURING MY CHAMPIONSHIP RUN!

-Commissioner Gordon

1st, if you can take Zeke at 2, take him. I love Kamara but Zeke is a true workhorse back and pretty much the consensus 1.01 this year. Since you’re getting Zeke at 1.02, I would keep Juju in the 4th. There are still a lot of unknowns with Aaron Jones IMO. We are all projecting him to be in a valuable role but we have not seen sustained success from him yet. He has also been often injured during his 2 year career. Juju is the safer bet.

So now you have Zeke and Juju locked up, I think you go with the best player available at 1.07. I like DJ over Gordon and I like D Hop and Adams ahead of Gordon but behind DJ (hope that makes sense). Julio should be great but he is more of an early to mid 2nd rounder to me.


Thanks for the quick response!! I’ve definitely been leaning Juju. That 7th pick is really what’s giving me fits. I just love the thought of having Hopkins/Adams, Juju, and Hilton/Allen/Thielen/Woods as my three WRs with Zeke at rb1. Zeke and DJ as my two rbs is a nice thought too…

The only thing to consider there is it is harder to find a RB than it is to find a WR. If you did take D Hop/ Adams with Juju, I would definitely look for RB next pick after that. You could even find your WR3 on waivers, let alone later in the draft.

That’s the big question here. The fact it’s a 3 WR league makes me lean towards having a dominant stable of WRs and then find a James White or pass catching back later on to pair with Zeke. Definitely have some thinking to do!

I couldn’t agree more with this advice. My thoughts to a tee. Good luck.

For me, I would go Zeke & DJ with my first round picks if possible. You don’t have a 2nd round pick and already are using your 4th rounder on JuJu. Looking at the 3rd round you have RBs like Mack, Williams, Fournette, Kerryon, Henry type. Which aren’t bad picks. But the WRs are Cooper, Diggs, Thielen, Edelman, Cooks, Woods, AJ Green, Allen potentially. The WR value in round 3 is higher than the RB value to me, so I would get my two starting RBs in the first round then my next 3 picks would be WRs. (one of them being JuJu).

It is a 3WR PPR league, but if my two starting RBs are going to have 350+ touches on the season each, I’ll take that all day.

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