Tough Keeper Position

I am in a 12 team standard scoring league and the league has decided to do a 1 player keeper from our teams last year. I had David Johnson and dropped him at one point not knowing that we were doing a keeper. We are drafting in reverse order of the standings from last year so I may get 1st pick.

I need to choose one player to keep that is currently on my roster before we draft. Should I keep Baldwin, Hogan, or Ajayi?

Todd Gurley will be available (a team dropped) so if I have #1 I will be choosing him. The problem is that I won’t have another pick until #24- the #36 overall off the board.


I wouldn’t do Hogan. Baldwin makes the most sense (a little concerned about the knee, but he’s still the best player here) although you could do Ajayi if you really want to stack RBs

Yeah I don’t have the best to choose from. I think Baldwin will get the volume and has the biggest upside. None of these options is a clear winner as a first “round keeper”. Unfortunately I don’t have that luxury. Thanks!

Also let your commissioner know that the decision to start a keeper league needs to be announced BEFORE the prior draft. Our league transitioned to a keeper league in 2016, and the decision was announced before the 2015 draft so we could plan accordingly. Switching to a keeper league in the offseason or even midseason does everyone a disservice


Yea, that’s a questionable tactic on the commish’s part… prep for a keeper league vs a redraft league are two different animals. I’d be a little miffed.

My only question are what are the round penalties (if any)? If there are NO round penalties, I’d keep Baldwin (knee issues and all). If there ARE round penalties, I’d keep Ajayi or Hogan… I get why folks may not trust Hogan to produce consistently, but the Decker signing proves to me that this years Pats team is desperate just for depth at the receiver position and Hogan is sitting at the top with very little competition for down the field targets among that group. I think he could have a career year, something like 70 receptions for 1,100 and 8 TDs. He could also bust in a spectacular fashion so take that with a grain of salt :wink:

I think Ajayi went before Baldwin in most drafts last year (they hype train from 2016 was pretty strong)

You’re right, I was WAY out on Ajayi last year so I keep forgetting he was considered some kind of elite back or something :rofl:

As of now there is no round penalty. The commissioner said we are doing keeper a few days ago because we had been talking about it for years. This has me a little upset and I’m trying to see how I can still draft well and win a #footclan title. May be something I bring up to him because I am already at a big disadvantage if there is no penalty. Everyone else will have a few studs and quality picks

Yes I think I drafted him second round behind DJ

That’s some bullshit. If you’re going to keeper this year “because you’ve been talking about it for years” then becoming a keeper league means starting with a fresh draft. That or he needs to give you back David Johnson since no one would drop him in a keeper league. Starting a keeper league off like this is bad form because the repercussions of it can last for years to come


Any experienced fantasy player, never mind experienced commissioner, knows how leagues transition. It can’t be willy nilly…

I’ve been commishing for years, and we put EVERY league change up for vote AT the draft, and the next year will feature approved changes. It’s got to be a bit of a democracy otherwise players don’t stick around.



That is crap. You can’t convert to a keeper league right before a season without knowing. I would seriously consider leaving the league. If you decide to stay I would probably keep Baldwin


This is all helpful. Would the round penalties make sense to have it be more of an even playing field for those who don’t have at least one stud on their team?

I prefer the round penalties because it rewards late round breakouts and dissuades folks from keeping elite talent so the player pool isn’t completely depleted. It’s just an added wrinkle that gives more control over ones roster (i think).

This is truly unfortunate for you. I would be upset and I would not want to be in this league personally because it sounds like rules will be changed at the commissioners discression and not be up for league vote which is something I wouldn’t be a part of. Now, with all that ranting done, I would have to go Baldwin and draft Gurley. Sure this isn’t an ideal keep as Johnson teamed with Gurley would be much more fierce but what can you do? If you want to play and play to win I think Baldwin is your best choice.

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