Tough Keeper Question- Bad Team

I drafted poorly and ended up with a terrible roster but I have to keep two:
Lamar Jackson, Kupp, Hunt, Goedert, Mostert, Chase Edmonds, J Connor, or DJ Chark. We do have 3wr, and 2 flex in this league so Kupp might be attractive.

For me Kupp is a sure thing if it’s any kind of ppr.

Otherwise I think I’m torn between Edmonds and Goedert especially if Ertz moves on (pity Conner couldn’t have ended up on Falcons or something to make both him and Edmonds quite attractive)

Mostert if healthy would be something but he’s such a gamble.

But I’ll go Kupp and Edmonds and hope Conner doesn’t eat too much into his share, even though from my own personal keeper league situation I’m hoping conner can take on a drake role.

Connor signing with AZ was unfortunate, it’s .75ppr, so Kupp for sure. Looks like we are hoping for opposite things with Conner lol
No thoughts on Lamar? I would take QB off the board and could focus on position players exclusively? I’m picking 4th.

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For me I’ve always felt limited whenever I’ve selected a qb keeper as I become fixated on filling out the depth especially at rb rather than simply going after best player available with my picks.

Edit - I’d love to have Lamar Jackson on my team but I feel that keeping him forces you to go hard after rb and potentially into rounds where you’re passing on wr or te that with a qb like Stafford or Tannehill can be much more effective in 2021 for you.

I agree with @Mr_Wind-up_Bird. Kupp is definitely one of your keepers.

Edmonds is an intriguing keeper, the only issue I will have is, Conner taking the goal line work from Edmonds.

Chark could be another keeper to think about. JAC defense will not be good and will make JAX pass happy.

Chark is very interesting and I’m hoping he can remain low key and be someone that even in keeper leagues drops a round or two. I think Lawrence is going to love him.