Tough Keeper question

I am in an 8 person full ppr league with two keepers. Should I keep D Hop for a 2, Kerryon for a 10, or Aaron Jones for a 7? Pick 2 of the 3.

I think I’m leaning d hop and Kerryon


I agree completely. Hopkins for 2nd rounder is no brainer. Kerryon and Aaron Jones are in the same tier or close to it, so getting Kerryon at more value seems wise

I tend to go RB heavy in my drafts and would flirt with Jones and Kerryon for a 7 & 10 but in a full PPR, you can’t go wrong with Nuk for a 2nd rounder. Although it’s only 8-team league, he should still go in the first round. If a bunch of other owners are surrendering their 1st/2nd round picks for keepers, you may want to do that and get huge value with your early picks too (and maybe even draft Nuk lol).

Either way, keeping Nuk is always a smart option.

Yeah, Hop at 2 is a great value and Kerryon at 10 is ridiculous value! AJ is great, but the value of the other two is just too good, especially in a full PPR.

Get out of 8-team leagues. Go 12, way more fun and challenging. 8 team leagues, everyone has an amazing team and huge depth with a ton of guys still left on waivers.

D Hop and Kerryon my wayward son.