Tough one for some reason. .5PPR

Guice and OJ Howard or Kelce and Drake

Kelce and Drake.
I LOVE Guice but I have to be realistic and realize that he hasn’t played a NFL snap yet, is coming off a bad injury, and is in a crowded backfield. I love his upside but he comes with a lot of risk. Meanwhile, Drake will get a steady workload and we’ve seen his upside to be very high when he actually gets the ball. So, I think Guice for Drake straight up is interesting by itself. But on top of that you also get Kelce and have to give up a TE who has only flashed at times and is the 3rd option on his team. Take Kelce and Drake and run with it.

Definetely Kelce and drake. the gap between Kelce and howard is huge and although I would prefere guice over drake, I think drake will still be good since MIA didn’t add a rb and guice is coming off the knee injury

Are you a contender this year? Because Kelce is great short term but OJ will probably surpass him in a year or two.

Not a contender - trying to get younger and maybe pick up some picks

Kelce is 6 months younger than Gronk.

Kelce is 29 years old and plays TE. Gronk has been plagued with injuries where Kelce has remained healthy. Look at how long healthy TEs have lasted in the league (Gates, Witten, Gonzales). We could see Kelce stay dynamic with Mahomes for another 3-4 years before he starts to decline. Even if his receptions go down, he will still get the endzone targets. OJ had a total of 34 receptions last season…34. There’s a wide margin between those two in my opinion.

I do like Guice’s future but he is in a crowded backfield until Peterson retires. Drake is the RB1 and should get a lot more touches this year. Ballage will take some snaps and goal line duties, but Drake should see a lot of work in the passing game as well.

To sum it up, I’m not giving up Kelce that easily. I would need a couple future 1st round draft picks as well to make that trade happen.