Tough options in QBs and RBs

QB question - Start Blake Bortles @SF or Nick Foles vs Oak. At this point I’m only considering starting Foles if the Vikings win on Satudray but I’m still not sure.

RB questton - Start 2:
Alvin Kamara
Kareem Hunt
Melvin Gordon

I’m the underdog in the matchup, other team has players like gurley, Tyreek, Jax D, Brady and gronk so I feel like I need the upside.

Any tips?

Go Bortles

And since your the underdog I’d go hunt and Kamara for upside

If you need upside I’d honestly check out the wiavers for kickers and defenses that could blow up over just a safe baseline players.

Example I needed upside last week so I picked up Robbie Gould who has been on fire and he got me 25 pts and gave me the comback win.

Good luck sir