Tough pairing for trade to avoid drop

4 rb limit and i have 5 with harris still in the ir spot

CEH,J.Robinson, Singletary, Mckinnon, Harris

Hoping to package two of them to upgrade at the rb position which two would you rather lose to get various high rb2 low rb1 range( Mixon,Henry,Taylor,Jacobs,drake) all might have owners willing deal

Also could look at going after an Andrews or a QB maybe Dak

I would loose any two to get an upgrade. Don’t hesitate to take CEH and someone to go after a stud.

The bottom two, IMO, are Robinson and Harris.

wow you put robinson under mckinnon and singletary? both are going to have another person in the backfield soon again. Robinson is rb6 on the year right now even on a bad team.

I was thinking singletary and mckinnon for a taylor or mixon

id like to pair another low rb1 or high rb2 with ceh if i could find a way.

Also any thoughts on offering for chubb to eat his injury and come back with him later?

I don’t think very highly of James Robinson (in fantasy football). Respect the player and the plight of the undrafted rookie RB.

I’m admittedly and very clearly in the minority. So there is a great chance I’m wrong. But I do not see anything special when watching the Jags. Nor do I think that offence can sustain an RB1 and DJ Chark/ Laviska Shenault Jr.

After Mixon’s 3TD week, no one is trading him away. But you can def try!

I don’t like trading for injured players. Too high risk in a short season.

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I just dont see thompson being used basically at all and anyone whos getting the carries at work horse level regardless of team has value.

worried about if i try to get drake with how hes done but the owner needs help all over his team so i might try dak and drake for singletary mckinnon and goff.

Harris hasnt established his value yet but 1 game and 1 100 yard performance of ir is a nice look to start

Robinson and mckinnon for a jacobs maybe since that owner just lost chubb

I just know i need to make a move because dropping any seems like lost value and thats part of why id trade for a hurt guy because otherwise im dropping one anyways

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To be clear I’m not suggesting that Robinson doesn’t hold value. Nor should he be a drop candidate.

Right yeah i get that you just value him lower than the average person currently i gotcha.

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