Tough picks 2 wr and a flex

Half point ppr
QB - Tannehill
RB2 - Henry
WR1 - Cooper
WR2 - Aj Brown
Flex - Lockett

The bench - Montgomery, Sutton and Mostert

Feels like any of the Brown, Lockett, Sutton and Mostert could all do well

Any suggestions?

I think I would take the upside of Mostert over the risk of Lockett

You fairly confident that he just keeps getting the work? I feel like if they stuff him 2 or 3 times Breida or Coleman could break a chunk run and then they get the ball. Anyone who gets hot there seems to just get fed granted he has been the hot hand…

A bad game from Mostert is better than a bad game from Lockett

I still just have this sinking feeling its going to be a lockett week but besides that idk how to really feel about AJ brown hes never been a big target share yet obviously he had a big game but hes had plenty of lesser games too…

I think I would go Lockett as RB2 and Mostert as Flex. AJ has really high highs but also really low lows

Lockett over sutton and AJ
and mostert over the both as well?

Mostert and AJ are a coin flip for me. I wouldn’t be playing Sutton at all. I think the floor for Mostert is a lot higher than AJs. AJ has really high highs but really low lows.

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I’d start Lockett and Mostert, and sit AJ

No question for me. ( made my playoffs)
Lockett has the chance to goose you,
There is now more tape out there for KC to study of Drew Lock so I dont think he and Sutton will be very productive. + cold and maybe snowing in KC Sunday
Id go Mostert as double digit carries will give you the highest floor of the crew
Tannehill throws avg 20 attempts a game, brown has done quite well with the looks he gets. Risky I know but Houston is 8th worst against the WR…

I honestly havent even looked in to the weather for the games. thank you i really need to do that for all the matchups. Sutton just is basically the only guy getting the ball and his been a safe play all year but if its that bad out i dont trust lock to throw very much or very well.

Did you have a take on AJ Brown?

Sorry got distracted at work! I am risking my team with AJ, I edited my post above.
A QB throws 20 a game against 8th worst WR Def in the league… Id play any of those WRs

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It feels like every couple of hours I talk myself into one of the others some of the things im considering
My opponent has KC defense so sutton scoring counts a little more

Stacking Tannehill Brown and Henry is a big risk if that game doesnt go as expected but could be huge points if it does

Mostert could have what happened to both coleman and breida where one of the others comes out hot and gets the large majority share.

Lockett has been a dud but Carroll had some nice comments about him coming into this game ready and carolina has been terrible against the pass.

I know its his own qb but now an hour ago

“Tyler is a huge part of our offense,” Wilson told reporters Thursday. “We want to get him going throughout the game and just get him the football. He’s such a special player. You definitely notice him on the field when he’s making those plays.”


“Yeah, I think Tyler’s ready to roll – 100%,” Wilson said. “He looks fresh and ready to play some great football.

Obviously a little biased but If hes about to have another 14-18 target game i need that in the line up…

Good point about the risk of stacking too many Titan’s players. (Vegas has the line at 51pts) so take that for w/e you want it to be.
I never put any stock in “interviews,” as a former athlete you were coached to always say positive things about every teammate no matter the situation…
Carolina is garbage against the WR, but you know they will double cover Lockett

Yeah I’m still torn as well. Currently I have the Tennessee triple stack. I don’t like the idea of a triple stack so I might end up putting in Lockett over AJ, but AJ has a nice match up and Tannehill is on a roll right now.

im starting to lean going cooper lockett and mostert at flex. Sitting Sutton and Brown both could blow up but the risk of the 3 titans is to high for the semi finals.

to make your life worse…
Lockett hasnt seen double digit targets in a month. and only saw 3 games with 10+ this season. (double checked numbers and Houston is 18th against WR, Carolina is 19th, -footballdb)

Dont look at the “stack” look at each match up option…
ask yourself:

  • would you start D. Henry?
    • Obviously
  • Would you start Tannehill against Houston?
    • He is trending very highly RN, and will attempt 25+ throws. I would
  • (of the two) Who has the higher floor? Mostert, Highest ceiling? Brown.

(yes it’s a slow day at the office hahaha)

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yeah but 10+ is a huge not many players ever get 10 targets in a game let alone more than once.
The highest floor for mostert is why im leaning that way
Higher ceiling for brown sure but id believe his floor is lower than locketts too with the added risk of the stack i feel like the safer play is to avoid that.

Slow day here too glad its friday! Keep it coming lol

Might I suggest using Whiskey to help with this decision hahaha

I think you have answered your own Question now.

play it safe with Mostert and gamble with Lockett?
(I dont see Mostert with a monster game but he will be RB1 usage, Falcons are actually better against the run than the Bears D this year)