Tough Question - Feedback Appreciated

My league has 1QB but super-flex as well. Next year super flex will be replaced by QB spot and we will be 2QB league. I have

R. Wilson, Trubisky, Mariota

I like Wilson over the next 4-6 years, Tribisky will be fine…I think and Mariota is backup.

However, given the importance of QBs in the league should I try to wine and dine and trade to upgrade my #2 QB or wait to see how Trubisky plays out (he is young and on an offense that should be good) - and then target a rookie QB next year during the draft? Don’t want to be short sighted here.

Wheel and deal. It never hurts to try and improve your team. With 2QB you might need to look at rostering 4 if there are any options available. Are all of the startable QBs rostered or are there options on the waiver wire?

Dalton, Flacco, and Fitzpatrick are on waivers…

Fitzmagic has strong upside!