Tough RB2 Choice

Kelley, Gore, or Stewart for 2nd RB spot? Leaning towards Kelley for big divisional matchup, Gore without Luck seems risky, and want to wait and see how Carolina uses McCaffrey.

i think Gore is a safe bet because they dont have luck they will be looking for him to have a step up game

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That is true, they’ll probably lean on him more. At least Donald is out too. Thanks for the reply.

I think the safe bet is likely Kelley. Gore will get work, but Tolzien isn’t a threat. LA can and should stack the box especially since Tolzien typically throws short passes as well. Jstew will likely be TD dependent as a goal line back, but could have a big day vs SF. If it were me, I’d go with Kelley.

If you got McCaffery, I would play him. He’s explosive enough that limited touches will still produce decent fantasy production.

I’d pick Stewart. He’s their goaline back and vs SF you can guarantee he’ll get in the end zone at least once.