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Tough rb2 decision


I have abdullah, Riddick, and woodhead as options. Half ppr with high upside receivers and safe te and qb options. Who do I start for my rb2?


I personally would go woodhead. Arizona D tough and the half point ppr give woodhead more upside to me. Goodluck !


I’m high on Abdullah. playing him in a couple of leagues. In hopes of him returning to form.


Abdullah. Zona was ok vs run last season but the lost their best run defender (Campbell) and the Cards defense is not typically dominant on the road


Woodhead or Abdullah. It’s a coin toss to me between those two. Riddick isn’t in consideration.


Abdullah. I’m assuming you didn’t pick Riddick or Woodhead to be your starter. Play your starters and then adjust.


I would start Woodhead.


Plenty of people are picking Woodhead as a starter in PPR, as they should be. He and Abdullah are roughly in the same tier, in my book.