Tough spot - injuries & limited bench

Footclan! I have both Funchess and Ertz with injury issues. I have Brate on my roster, but I don’t have a WR to plug in if Funchess is out since Juju is suspended. This is a 3WR league.

Do I drop someone to pick up Kupp, Demaryius or Goodwin in case Funchess is out? Who do i drop?! If Ertz clears the concussion protocol, then I’d probably drop Brate.

QB: Rivers & Dak
RB: Hunt, Kamara, Freeman, McCoy, Burkhead and Perine
WR: Green, Baldwin, Funchess and Juju
TE: Ertz and Brate

Playoffs are must wins… you would have to drop a player who isn’t playing for you this week because if you lose no matter what you aren’t playing next week. Obviously Ertz is the ideal option but rate or burton if on waivers is a good fill In. As for WR you almost have to drop Juju since he is suspended, he’s a great WR but if out lose this week he’s not playing for you again anyway. Especially with the options available on waivers. They aren’t sexy options by any means but they will get the job done. Demaryius has simien comin back this week in a plus home matchup against a still not great pass defense and Goodwin clearly established himself as a safe floor and new QBs favorite target in limited work. Both will do, but you have to do what’s best for your team and treat the playoffs as go 1-0 then worry about next week, next week. Hope this helps. It’s a strategy that isn’t ideal but has gotten me to the conference title in my league 3 years in a row including this year, a championship, and a loss in the championship last year. Good luck my friend!

I would drop Dak for Goodwin.

You won’t play Dak over Rivers, and you can still stream better even if Rivers got hurt. Of the three WRs you mentioned, I think Goodwin has the better upside based on the matchup and QB situation.

Rivers has a sweet playoff schedule, you can probably ride him out. Drop Dak.

If you really think Dak will be better once Elliott comes back - I’d drop JuJu - his role will be unknown when he gets back. You assume he’s still WR2 in Pittsburgh, but who knows.

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Thank you guys for the advice. May be important to note I’ve clinched the playoffs which doesn’t start until next week. So, this isn’t a must win.

I like the idea of dropping Dak, because I do like Rivers schedule. I was debating whether I should drop Dak for the upside stash of Aaron Rodgers. But if I did that, that would mean having to drop Juju or Brate for a WR. If Ertz clears the protocol, I know who to drop (Brate). If not, I’d be forced to drop Juju unfortunately. Sounds like most people are leaning towards Goodwin?

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That changes things if it’s not a must win.

I’d keep JuJu, drop Dak for Rodgers, and drop Brate and bet on Ertz being healthy. If not, oh well.

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