Tough Start/ Sit for must win week

Im 5-5 and need to win this week as im the 7th seed out of 6 possible playoff teams in a 12 team, 0.5 PPR, 2 FLEX league. I play a 4-6 team this week, but I cant take it lightly. I have Mixon and it looks like hes out again so I’m strongly considering starting Drake tonight vs SEA but that makes my other start/ sits pretty difficult. I have Gio as well to cover for Mixon, but i wouldnt say that hes a must start considering my other options. My thoughts were to slide Drake into the RB spot and Mixon to flex. If hes out, i either slide in Gio in the flex or sit Gio.

Here is my lineup (so far)
QB - Brady
RB - Miles Sanders
RB - Kenyon Drake (as of now)
WR - Davante Adams
WR - Diontae Johnson
TE - Fant
FLEX 1 - Mixon (If he plays) or Gio
FLEX 2 - Kupp (or DJ Moore)

Winston (picked him up to block my opponent from grabbing a QB off waivers with Josh Allen on bye)
Gio (if Mixon plays)(If Mixon doesnt play, I can keep him in my RB spot and not play Drake at all)
DJ Moore (or Kupp)
Deebo - BYE
Shepard - BYE

bumpity bump bump

bump and bumpity bump bump

What are your other options? Mixon probably won’t play so are you choosing between Gio or Drake? I’ll take Drake between those two.