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Tough Start/Sits .5PPR


For two WR spots and a FLEX I have to choose from:
Stefon Diggs
Randall Cobb
Golden Tate
Chris Hogan
Christian McCaffery

I was leaning on Diggs, Cobb and CMC, but Hogan has a good matchup Tate practiced fully on Thursday so I was curious on what the Clan thinks.

Thanks guys!!


for me it’s diggs, cobb and tate. Diggs is just way too good to not play. Cobb will be in a shootout, and the Giant’s are terrible against the slot, so Tate should have a similar game that he did vs the Cards (10 for 107). Everyone’s on Hogan, and I get it, but not ahead of those 3, or even CMC. I like CMC, but I think Stewart has a better day again.


Yea man I have been going back and fourth on CMC and Tate since Thursday it is killing me. Tate has that favorable matchup with volume like you said but seeing CMC lead the Panthers in targets last week and get 16 touches makes me feel like I am wasting him.
Lets say I start Tate in FLEX
CMC or Jordan Howard for my RB 2?


I’d go CMC over Howard for sure!


Howard was limited all week, so I think you just helped me set my lineup! Thanks man.
Raiders D


No worries man! Good luck! Btw I’m a die hard Lion’s fan, so I love the Stafford-Tate stack!


As you can see I am sad Colts fan! Haha, Ive always liked the Lions because as I was growing up Megatron just would do things that made me love football more, always root for the Lions!