Tough trade need help

Do u trade cooks for Diggs and Cohen? This if a full ppr league

I wouldn’t. Seems like Cohen has disappeared and I’d rather take Cooks’ boom or bust over Diggs’ boom or bust.

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I personally would not. Just because Tom Brady is better than Keenum and Trubisky combined. The pats throw the Hell out of the ball. If you needed a flex start weekly I would think about it. Cohen has been decent in PPR, Diggs has been good, but man can that guy disappear.

Agreed I wouldn’t even pick up Cohen off of waivers and would way rather have a healthy cooks having Brady throwing him the ball then the injury risks with diggs with Keanum

Bridgewater coming back this season doesn’t sway u guys at all?

Not me because of the uncertainty of it or how they will be together. Right now I would take cooks over diggs that could change in a few weeks but I wouldn’t be willing to gamble cooks on that yet?