Tough trade offer

Just got offered mike Evans and Kalen ballage for Chris Godwin and miles sanders.

I am currently starting Dalvin cook, josh Jacobs, Hopkins, and woods, with Godwin in my flex. Full ppr 2 rb, 2 wr, 1 flex.

I really believe in Godwin and sanders, but also, mike Evans is mike Evans…

Keep Godwin and Sanders.

Agree with @morestagedives. I’m keeping Sanders and Godwin in this case.

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I’m taking this trade all day every day. You’re adding a starter in Evans, and pushing Woods to your flex. No reason to hold on to Sanders when he won’t start for you.

Ballage won’t start for him either.

Godwin and Evans the entire off-season, as said by even Mike Evans himself, that him and Godwin are the 1A/1B. Arians loves his slot receivers, which is where Godwin is.

Sanders is on the better offence than Ballage. Both of them are currently in timeshares, but Sanders has the way higher upside.

@ben_jamin627 so that’s what I originally thought. But if sanders turns into a solid rb and Godwin/ Evans move toward more equal target share, then it doesn’t work out. That’s assuming Evans comes down and Godwin goes up and they become close to equal which I think is reasonable/ likely?

I’m looking at it this way… I’d much rather start Evans and Woods than Woods and Godwin. Sure there’s a lot of hype around Godwin, but we’re making a lot of assumptions that Godwin and Evans are going to be close to equal when history just shows otherwise. Obviously Ballage won’t start, but he’ll be an easy bye week fill-in, just like Sanders.

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There’s a lot of what-ifs in here. I’m going with the history of fantasy football.

The only reason I’d consider passing on this trade is if you think you may end up flexing Sanders > Godwin throughout the season, and Woods + Sanders in your lineup is comparable or better than Woods + Evans. But I have doubts about that happening.

Evans missed practice the past few days and wont play in any remaining preseason games for a nonspecific leg injury. i worry about him and Keenan Allen as they play for teams without a dominant run game. Thus they’ll be the centerpiece of the offense and this will become a lingering issue that keeps him at 75% all season.

Evans is rarely 100%, but it’s never stopped him from being great.

I can see where you’re coming from on this. Nice.

True. I’m still taking him in the 2nd if he is available.

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I’d love to grab him in the 2nd… which is far before Godwin haha

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I also like Godwin and sanders for the potential that the rams have a rough match up or something and I can slide godwin in for woods and plug sanders in the flex

Yes. My opinion on this trade is more Sanders over Ballage. I think the target share for Evans/Godwin will be similar but Evans has the higher upside for yards and TD.

I absolutely agree Sanders > Ballage. But that’s arguing over two bench players. When I can swap one starter for a better starter, I’m doing that 1000% of the time. I also do think that Ballage has a higher potential to break out than many people think.

As a Godwin owner in dynasty I’m pretty baffled by direct comparisons to Evans-type value, and would take Evans all day over Godwin. But maybe I should just take this information and be happy that I have what I have.

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