Tough Trade Question - Advice Needed

I am having some RB troubles at the moment and have been starting 2 RBs that have not combined for 10 points in the past 3 weeks - Looking to trade for a RB. The issue is that there are not many people in this league with a wealth of RBs to trade with.

Current RBs - Freeman, Doug, Lewis, Duke, Perine, Woodhead
WRs ABrown, AJGreen, MThomas, Doctson
TE Engram, Olsen.

The trade offer would be:
I give: AJGreen, who just had a sick game and a tough remaining schedule + Olsen
I get: Tevin Coleman (which will either hold me over until Freeman comes back or if Freeman does not, be a RB1) + Diggs (who has not really blown up)

Notes - This person has Thielen.


I think it’s a fair trade. I don’t love having Freeman and Coleman. I think it limits your upside, but Diggs also has potential down the stretch that isn’t that big of a drop off from Green so I think that makes it a decent trade.

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Yea, I definitely agree that it limits my upside, but if the concussion keeps Freeman out for a while, its a win. On the other side, when healthy both Freeman and Coleman are decent at stand alone value.

I think you can and should get way more for Green alone, not to mention your giving up a potential top 5 TE when TE position is bad this year and could be the position that brings you a championship!