Tough Week - Help?

Tyreek owner, currently have Woods and Julio locked and loaded, Terry McLaurin held me down last week but has an absolutely abysmal matchup vs. the Bears

Miles Sanders (other 2nd flex option) @ Detroit or Scary Terry? Full PPR.

Also I’m torn on whether or not I should roll the dice on Peyton Barber this week at the Giants, terrible run d, but is it safe to assume he’s gonna get 20+ touches again?

Essentially I need to pick 2 out of those 3 to start, Sanders, McLaurin and Barber — thanks y’all!

Full PPR I like McLaurin for sure, volume and what are they going to run on the Bears?? I’d also go Sanders over Barber, but it’s a dice roll. . . I’m thinking it’s passing game for TB this week, but just based on Jamies and Evans regression back towards their averages. Eagles could get a dominant run game going at home this week too.

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Thanks for the input!!! It’s just scary considering Sanders after back to back less than 5 pt performances, I feel he should break out soon it’s just about when, wish I had a crystal ball lol

Woke up Sunday morning with Miles Sanders on the brain, put him in 1 minute before lineups were locked, it worked out — and I got the dub too so there’s that, thanks for your vote of confidence though! Still salty that Wentz missed him on what would’ve been like a 60-70 yard TD. And they should’ve given him the TD that Jordan Howard did nothing to contribute to, still happy with his performance.