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Tought spot. Trading away Gronk


David Johnson got injured and some running back didn’t work out. I have Bilal Powell, Frank Gore, Chris Johnson, and D’onta Foreman. Is trading Frank Gore and Gronk for D. Freeman worth it?


Also, this is a full ppr league if that helps


who else do you have at TE?


yes. 100% worth it for me. i hate injury prone guys, which is why i have no value for gronk. when he plays, best TE in football. but anyone you have to preface their play time, with the word “when” is too injury prone. add that in with your awful running game, and you need the upgrade. if you play the TE waivers smart you can replace gronk week to week.


I have Jared cook as a replacement. Ive also gotten offers for Gronk and Melvin Gordon, and one for Tarik Cohen, and Kyle rudolph. I think I like the last one best but I dont knoe if itll get vetoed. Also worries me to trade away Gore


I’d probably take the Melvin Gordon offer as you know he’s the starting RB on that team. Especially if you can get Gordon for Gronk straight up. Unless teams hoard TEs, I’m sure you can find a good enough weekly replacement on the wire. Also, time to tell your league to get rid of vetoes.


If not the gordon, would you do the others? I agree with the veto thing, but everyone else likes it. -_-


I love Melvin Gordon this year. I did last year too honestly. The guy just has a nack for always finding a way to get involved. Only rushes for 13 yards? Fuck it I’ll be a receiver. Gets held to no catches an 50 yards rushing? How about I just score 2 tds. He never disappointed me last year, and still hasn’t this year. Well, except for his injury. But, the Cohen Kyle trade gives you a full time replacement for gronk, and some more flex options in Cohen. Me personally, I’m going for the proven good back who will hold down an rb spot all year.