Trad3 help!

Should I give away D Freeman and Burkhead for D Johnson?

I would not personally. DJ is in a bad offense (granted they played LA). And Freeman is in a good offense. So is Burkhead.

I am genearlly not buying David Johnson right now, but you are selling two other players I am worried about, so i would actually do this. David Johnson has lost some luster, but is still a back end rb1. If Freeman was playing now I wouldn’t, but I am worried he could be banged up all year, and Burkhead is still worth something but is trending down to barely startable right now.

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He makes good points. Think this one comes down to who YOU are high on this year, IMO.

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Hell ya you should. Freeman is injured and will miss a good chunk of time. He reinjured the same knee he chose not to get surgery on in the off season.

I bought low on DJ with P. Lindsay, you could probably get him for cheaper

Lindsay alone?

Yup yup and in another league gronk n Lindsay for Hopkins and DJ

What the…no way these are money leagues are they? If so can I join?

What leagues are you in?

The Lindsay for DJ straight up was in my work league and the Hopkins & Dj for Gronk & Lindsay we’re in my in law league