Trade 1.04 (Etienne) for Hopkins

12 team 1 QB PPR League. Its 7 man keeper this season going dynasty after this season.

My team
Miles Sanders
Chris Carson

Do you guys think trading for Hopkins who is elite but also limited in years left is worth it for my team or should I just draft youth in Etienne. The first 3 picks will be Harris, Chase and Pitts.

I’d argue both Hopkins and Etienne will have similar number of years of high productivity so I wouldn’t be overly concerned at his age as I think you can expect 3-4 years, certainly 2-3 in my opinion of him still being a big time WR1 and possibly another year or two as a fringe or WR2

For me I would expect even in dynasty Hopkins cost to be more than Etienne. And because I think both probably have similar number of years effectiveness I’ll be taking the known quantity of Hopkins here.

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Imo you should get Hopkins. It’s not close regardless of team build or whether it’s redraft or dynasty. He is not Julio in that the wheels can fall of at any minute. Assume he puts up wr1 numbers again, you can trade him away for more mid or even post season. Remember the best projector for future success is past success.

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