Trade 1.04 for Aaron Jones?

12 team PPR dynasty 1 QB. 7 man keeper going dynasty next season.

Trade pick 1.04 (Etienne) for Aaron Jones?

My team

QB- Hurts

RB- Carson

RB- Sanders

WR- Lamb

WR- Sutton

TE- Goedert

Flex- Chark

So at face value Jones for the 1.04 is an absolute steal but do you think its worth it for this team I have taken over in this league. As you can see this team isnt winning a title unless Im able to pull of some crazy trades during the season. Do you guys think I just stick with the rookie Etienne, (Chase, HArris and Pitts are going top 3 for sure) and try to build the team around youth or just take Jones and try to compete and if it fails maybe trade him for a 2022 first and go into the start of dynasty with 2 first rounders if Im able to trade him?

Tough one. In your circumstances I’d normally feel keep the pick even though Jones is incredible. But I think your team might have a shot unless there’s others that are stacked. Your 7 keepers are really pretty strong and adding Jones to that mix could easily have you over the top.

Unless there’s more than one juggernaut 7 in your league I’d be tempted to be aggressive and do the deal.