Trade .5PPR

I was offered Barkley and Ertz for M. Gordon and Burton. What do you guys think?

I wouldn’t do this trade simply because there is no need for it. Sure your TE position gets upgraded, but Melvin has proven to better a reliable back. If you simply just don’t like Gordon, look at from the fact he’s clearly not worse than Barkley so why rock the boat. Barkley has narrowly been putting up fantasy numbers and his O-Line is getting worse after last weeks game.

This is an interesting trade I must say. I like this trade, I would definitely take it:

-Saquon is a huge part of this offense and although the oline stinks, the oc uses him incredibly (contrary to what arizona is doing :frowning:️).
-melvin gordon will be great all season long, I don’t even care about ekeler vulturing, but the guaranteed floor of ertz pushes this into your favor.

In brief, slight slight downgrade in rb (if even a downgrade), major upgrade in te

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The 16 targets last week for barkley is interesting if he can keep that up.

My other RB is Zeke so I feel that I can downgrade my other RB position to upgrade my TE.

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I wish I was offered a trade like this, the upgrade in ertz makes this absolutely worth it.


Ertz will be so good now that wentz is back id take it

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Yeah I like this trade, sure Gordon is a proven commodity, but there’s not that big a fall/upgrade with Barkley that it’s makes it easier to think of it as Ertz for Burton - I’ll take it

Thanks guys for your input.