Trade a 2nd for CEH?

Sorry not fully a dynasty question but In a 3 player keeper league. Currently how my team is I will be keeping cmc in the 1st, Hopkins in the 3rd and most likely Gibson in the 7th or Montgomery in the 4th. With that in mind. Would you trade a 2nd round pick in next years draft for CEH? He would cost a first to keep so don’t think I’d be keeping him over CMC. Full PPR

If you think the move will help you win this year then you should do it, sounds like you have a solid team and would have competed if CMC hadn’t gone down. Getting CEH will help bridge the gap until CMC gets back, and your team will be really damn good when he comes back later this season. Plus, you never know what might happen, you might end up wanting to keep CEH in the first over CMC by the end of this season.

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