Trade A.J. Green and Calvin Ridley for Austin Hooper, Damien Williams, and Robby Anderson?

Wondering if this would be a good swap. Not sure if I can trust A.J. returning this year and need WR depth so hoping Robby will be reliable ROS with Darnold returning?

You have A.j now? Or you are receiving him?

I have A.J. and Ridley now

In a vacuum I wouldn’t do it Green will be a great guy to have once he’s healthy Daltons throwing the ball a ton and Ross just went to IR.
And I personally don’t consider Anderson to be much of if any upgrade over Calvin Ridly.
But it depends a bit on your TEs and RBs if you need help there the trade seems fair to me.
I just wouldn’t do it if your already set at RB and TE and the goal of the trade is to improve your WR’s

What do you think of this trade I made.

I wouldn’t make that trade, R. Anderson is VERY unreliable (as are the Jets), have faith in AJ Green, he’ll be back & 75% of him is better than most.