TRADE: A.Jeffery & J.Howard for T.Hill?

I just got out of basic training with the Navy to a team that is 1-4 after this week. I believe I need another RB, but im open to any suggestions at this point because Im not caught up on all the latest players producing/not.

(PPR) My Team:
QB: Luck
RB: David Johnson
RB: Jordan Howard
WR: Keenan Allen
WR: Emmanuel Sanders
TE: Greg Olson (O) Vance Mcdonald
FLEX: Chris Thompson or Alshon Jeffery
Bench: Lynch & Watkins

Thank you for your service good sir! @Blackb7 You deserve to return to a better record, especially with that team. The good part is I think you are very well positioned ROS with this lineup. Are you being offered that trade or are you considering proposing it? You don’t really need White for any particular reason imo. Chris Thompson is kind of your James White, and you have less depth at WR than you do at RB.

Wouldn’t buy white right now. His price is at all time high so you’d be buying at his ceiling and the production he’s shown is not at all sustainable imo.

I would try and trade jeffrey + Howard to get a better upgrade.

I would also sell high on David Johnson. This offense is putrid and in a game where they got 5 turnovers, he still only did okay cause of the 2 TDs. That’s going to very rare for this team moving forward.

How are waiver wr looking? I’m not an Alshon fan (seems td depending despite the good first week back), but that would leave you thin at wr. But if the waiver has some weekly starters on it I’d probably do it. White is taking Over what seems to be the Burkhead role we all thought would be so great. Players with a floor of 12/14 and a goal line role on the patriots seem like a good bet to make.
But I do agree it might be time to sell on David Johnson but sell high, he still has a floor that’s better than a lot so get a good rb to replace. Target some other losing record teams, hope McCaffrey will be on one, and sell the name and ceiling of David Johnson. Or like mike said. If you could pair joho and Alshon to get a McCaffrey or someone of that caliber and just ride it out with dj as rb2 you could easily turn it around. Keenan Allen will eventually step to form, don’t sell low on him.
The secret to trades is what teams you trade with. You want to find gaping holes where you send a trade that actually benefits BOTH rosters but seems overpaying on your end, otherwise people will just never trade. Good luck.

@Falcones404 I appreciate that. I was considering the trade proposal due to the inconsistency to come from Howard & Lynch as my RB2. I also see Jeffery as a Boom or Bust type of player that can lose a week for you. @MikeMeUpp & @FelixSS good advice about selling on DJ or up for another WR. Unfortunately, the only kind of interest i can get is for T.Hill.