Trade A Jones for M Sanders? Full PPR

Had an offer that would include Aaron Jones for Miles Sanders. A little skeptical right now about Sanders and his hammy so waiting to see how he holds up after Week 1.

Most likely the final trade would be me giving up A Jones and either Gallup or Marvin Jones or maybe McLaurin for Sanders and either Chark or Woods.

Besides A Jones I have Zeke and Mostert at RB, and I also have A Robinson and Lazard at WR.

What would be the most fair trade? Would you even bother trading the RBs? Thoughts? TIA

If I could get Sanders and Woods for the 2 Jones’ Id take it.

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Sanders and Woods for Aaron and Marvin Jones would be a steal for you. I like AJones and Gallup for Sanders and Chark for a more realistic trade… but you could start with the Jones for Sanders/woods and bargain down to Gallup for Chark.

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Thanks, had also been considering maybe Goedert instead of the WRs but guessing that’s too low a price.