Trade Aaron Jones & Cooper for M. Thomas

Hey guys how is everyone valuing Jones and Cooper ROS? am I giving up too much? Should I swap out for another player on my roster or aim higher than Thomas?

My other RBS are hunt Freeman Mixon and martin
Other Wrs Evans, Baldwin, theilen,Dez.
8man 0.5PPR


Anyone able to help?

I think selling high on cooper is exactly what I would do. Aaron Jones seems to be one of the lead backs and out touches Ty. Without Rodgers, Ty won’t be seeing much through the air. I think you can offer that and it would be acceptable with how many people are in the league. Shop him around as well while you can.

I think you are good to go here. You already have hunt freeman and Martin as weekly starting top 10 caliber guys and having those 4 receivers would be huge

I would sell A. Jones. I would try trading Baldwin or Thielen and Jones for M. Thomas. That’s a great target, hopefully they need a RB.

Yep they seem keen. I feel bad for him I traded him fitz and th Montgomery last week for Mixon and dez nd Palmer got injured (he had him too) and Monty wasn’t much last week. He was the DJ owner too so feel like I’m preying on the wounded but he’s getting a fair deal.