Trade Aaron Jones for Robert Woods?

In a dynasty league, Should i trade Aaron Jones for Robert Woods. I have Ezekiel Elliot and David Johnson for my starters and royce Freeman and Kareem Hunt (once he is back) as backups along with a few others. My Wide Receivers struggle a little however i do have Cooper Kupp. What should I do?

I would make the trade. Woods is a solid second receiver. It may take this season for Kupp to fully come back. Next year you can flip woods for someone and play kupp.

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Solely based on your RB depth, I would shoot for Woods.

Sounds like a solid trade for you to make if Kupp is your best WR. Jones/Woods are both great young players in great offenses, you just need WR more than RB. If you value those players roughly the same go for it.

I would not make that trade. I wouldn’t want to own both Kupp and Woods and in dynasty, I would rather have Kupp long term. But you will need to bridge this year given I don’t expect Kupp to be healthy until at least midway through the season if not more.

I love Aaron Jones. Has legitimate top 6 RB upside this season if he can stay healthy. He’s still young enough and hasnt had as much wear on his body. Give me 15-18 touches a game for Aaron jones for a full 16 game season and I think his value skyrockets this year.

I’m admittedly more than a little biased on this one, because Aaron Jones got hot just at the right time last season and I was able to go from 9th place to 3rd place and make the playoffs because of him (but his injury in week 1 of our playoffs coupled with Keenan Allen’s injury that same week killed me!):

You have enough RB depth to dangle Jones, but then again, that kind of depth is coveted in fantasy. It would take a lot more than Woods to pry Jones away from me, and I definitely wouldn’t trade Jones to wind up with two Ram WRs.

Question: what’s your WR depth like? Are you hurtin’ for WRs? What’s your potential trade partner’s WR depth like?

Could you package Jones and Kupp for Woods and another quality wideout?

OR…is there someone else with good wideouts who is hurting a RB?

I would not go with that trade. Jones to me has the upside. Top 10 easily and could even crack the top 5-6 potentially. I don’t trust that Kupp with pick up where he left off and Woods got a lot of his work when both Kupp and Cooks were injured last season. Woods is the most stable of the Rams receivers IMOP, but I’m not giving up Jones for him. Plus I imagine you have a FLEX and starting Zeke/DJ/Jones is gorgeous.