Trade Aaron Jones for Will Fuller in Standard league

I feel both players are moderate risk, high reward players.

My other RBs are M. Gordan, L. Fournette, M. Lynch, K. Johnson, L. Murray

My other WRs are S. Diggs, D. Baldwin, C. Kupp, M. Jones, and J. Brown

I really could use the big play potential of Fuller to win this week and given the Aaron Rodgers injury, I’m not so sure Jones will get a chance to take over for a few more weeks. Thoughts?

Why not, take the shot. They’re both risky players. I believe he’s the best RB in the Green Bay backfield, but there’s no guarantee Jones takes over. And Fuller has real chemistry with Watson, but he’s been banged up quite a bit the last two seasons.

I think you should do it, your roster is stronger on the RB side, and like the argument above, there is no reason to think Jones is going to take over inmediatly. Fuller, despite his health issues, has scored a touchdown in every game played with Watson as QB and Desean usually looks for him in the long yardage passes.

Thanks for the reply. I took the deal.